About Gatekeeper Training

The Prevention of Elder Abuse program was the first in the nation to offer Gatekeeper Training. This training was developed to identify elders who may be in need of medical, social, mental health or other services. Once a community member has been through Gatekeeper instruction, they possess the knowledge to recognize all of the types of abuse and how to report them.

BSSSWeb0031Once an initial report has been made to Prevention of Elder Abuse, a social worker is sent out to assess the situation, offer information and assist the elder in getting the services they need. The in-home assessment helps determine if there is a need for a more thorough evaluation.

There are many elderly persons who live in isolation, disconnected from the community, separated from family and friends. Gatekeepers may be the only link between these at-risk elders and the community.

The Gatekeeper program is sponsored in part by funding from a grant by PPL Montana.

To request a Gatekeeper Training please call 406-259-3111.